Comma Before And

Comma (,) is used very frequently in a sentence. There’s no single rule for putting the comma into a sentence. There are four types of commas in English language. These 4 types of commas are:

  1. Listing Comma
  2. Joining Comma
  3. Gapping Comma
  4. Bracketing Commas

We use these commas according to their needs while making the sentences. Have you ever heard of Oxford comma? Yes, Oxford comma is also known as Harvard/ Series/ Serial comma. It is a listing comma that is used to list the qualities, characteristics and other things in a sentence. Oxford comma is used in a list just after each thing/ characteristics even before and. Let’s have some examples that will make you learn more about Oxford comma.

Ex. I love my parents, Daniel Mazia and Jessica Watson.

Explanation: Without the Oxford comma before ‘and’, the sentence above could be explained as solidifying that you love your parents, and your parents are Daniel Mazia and Jessica Watson.

Ex. I love my parents, Daniel Mazia, and Jessica Watson. (Oxford Comma)

could be rewritten as:

I love Daniel Mazia, Jessica Watson and my parents.

NOTE: This rule applies to lists of three or more items only. A comma should not be used before ‘and’ if there are only two items.


Comma Before And That Joins Two Independent Clauses

On Monday we’ll see the Taj Mahal, and on Tuesday we’ll visit the Hanging Bridge. (correct)

It’s cold outside, and I can’t find my jacket. (Correct)

Shivansh tossed the football, and watched the cat chase it. (Incorrect)

Shivansh tossed the football and watched the cat chase it. (Correct)


There’s an exception. When you have two independent clauses very short and closely connected it’s okay to leave the comma out. Here’s an example:

Neha cooked and Saloni cleaned. (Correct)

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It’s not wrong to add a comma before ‘and’ in the above sentence, but leaving it without comma makes it a little easier.

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