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Thanks for visiting us at www.mightymantra.com that is designed to let you know the information about Mighty Mantra ‘Accent’. The website includes the information about the platform at its best. The texts and graphics provided here are unique and copyrighted. The privacy policy is being mentioned herein is to explain better about the importance of English language in 21st century. The privacy policy and the terms of service are shared with you all so that you make full utilisation of the matter stored herein.

By visiting us through the website, you may get informed about the platform in the text and image format. Snatch the best information about Spoken English, Communication Skills, Personality Development, Personality Grooming, Interview Preparation, Body Language and get motivated to join us. The website is mainly targeted to the masses who keep trying to seek the best center for English spoken.

The privacy policy of Mighty Mantra includes the assemblages, usage and manifestation of the information including main domain and its inner pages. This is nothing but an annexure between user and website for providing information.

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As we do not endow you with login and sign up process, we can collect your personal recognisance information only via the comments section. Yet, we assure you that you will never ever get any email or other miscellaneous stuff from the side of mightymantra.com The comment section and contact form are the gateways that you can contact us for any query.

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Terms of Service

In the form of term and services, we try to allow you to get motivated regarding rapidly changing world. Trying to be the superior in allotting the best stuff, we keep modifying our services to make the visitors up-to-date with the privacy policy. Both the mobile platform and the website interactions are preferred keeping your needfulness in mind.

The layout used in website makes the users to be active users of Mighty Mantra at its top level. One of the best things of our services at the website is that there is no age boundation. It simply means that the people of all age group will find the amazing stuff according to their priorities. For making the site more interactive, we are here to keep modifying the terms of services.

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Changes To This Privacy Policy
We keep changing the privacy policy time to time. We advise visitors to check this page repeatedly for any updates regarding privacy policy of Mighty Mantra We have the discretion to update, delete or add new content anytime in favour of privacy policy of this site.

Conformity with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
It is being kept as conservancy the privacy of the very young because it is especially very important. Reason being, we never share such information that involves pornography, adults and weird stuff. The information share at this web portal will always inspire and motivate the people under all age group.

Disclaimer – Mighty Mantra

All the information on this web portal is published in good faith and for general information about the importance of Spoken English, Communication Skills, Personality Development, Personality Grooming, Interview Preparation and Body Language purpose only. We assure you about the perfection, faithfulness, and chastity of the information. In case you find any vulnerable information, feel free to contact us via email. We assure you to do the needful in your favour.

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