Welcome to the Parents’ Corner at Mighty Mantra

We’re here for all the parents who are enrolling their children in English speaking classes. In this rapidly changing world, the need of English is the backbone for the people of all age groups. Whatever age group you’re in, be excited to learn English. There’s no age of learning, whenever you feel you should learn something, just go for it.

Parents Corner Mighty Mantra

Here we’re sharing top 7 tips that will help you build the best environment for English speaking

1. Learn English You Too: You may have heard that every child’s first school is his home. For learning English, you send your kids to some English spoken class. Why don’t you join too? Learning and speaking together is a great way to be a dab hand at English. This will help you spend your time with your kids and create optimistic attitude towards learning.

2. Playing Games In English: No matter at what age your child is. Every child likes to play. Start playing games with your kids in English. Use English sentences if you need to say something to him. Help them to learn English in the same way they learned their first language.

3. Read English Stories At Bedtime: Kids like to listen to the stories at bedtime. If you read stories for them, start reading English stories. This will help both of you to get in touch with English. There are a lot of English stories available on the internet world for free. This is an entrancing way to grab some extra English time.

4. English Music: Everybody loves music. You can have some music time with your children. Listen to English song in your free time and start dancing with your kids. Actions make the things memorable so dancing to English songs will assist you to learn English.

5. Write for Each Other: you and your children learn English for fluency in speaking but writing is also necessary. Ask your kids for writing something about you and do the same for them. This will help you writing the correct spelling and grammar which is essential part of English language. After writing the sentences ask your kids to read them and make him aware of the word meanings.

6. Watch Movies: Start watching English movies. There are many English channels that serve English movies with their subtitles. If you’re unable to understand what is spoken in the movie, get helped with the subtitles. Keep your kids engaged with some action or cartoon English movie rather than a movie in any other language.

7. Relax: Do not lose hope if your children and you are making mistakes. You are learning a new language so give yourself some time and keep trying to learn English. If you and your children make mistakes while speaking don’t feel bad about it. It’s natural in the process of learning. Mistakes teach you better and make you stronger for future. Keep your focus on learning and compare yourself with no one else but the old you.

The parents want their children to speak English from the young age. Reason being, the competition is growing fast and English speaking skills add flavor to one’s personality. Many parents want to help their kids by making the atmosphere where they can learn and speak the English language. For this, the parents are also in queue to learn English so that they may put perfection in their child’s personality.